2018 Annual Review

Dear Eastminster Family,

Hope.  For three-score and ten years the gathered people known as Eastminster Presbyterian Church have been blessed to experience and share the hope God gives us in Jesus Christ. For seventy years, beginning in the pre-television era just after World War II, when it would take days for news to travel 
“home,” to today, when technology allows us to have live video conversations with family members half-way around the world, God’s Spirit has been at work giving hope to men and women, children and families through this part of Christ’s Body.

By God’s grace, we who have received hope are further blessed when we share that hope with others.  Hope transmitted in word and em-bodied indeed through visits made, hymns sung, devotionals read, meals made, small groups attended, Bible lessons taught, children encouraged, sermon illustrations digested, Scout badges earned, tears shared, games played, mission trips re-membered, prayers uttered, and laughter and love shared.  In all these ways and more, we see and experience the sacred God in our midst.  At death as well as birth, in times of sickness as well as celebration, God is with us.  We have the privilege and responsibility to share that Good News with one another and with people everywhere.

In these pages you will see statistics and summaries, births and baptisms, accomplishments and goals.  But you will also see snapshots, literal and figurative snapshots of hope, like those from the visit of the Sozo Children’s Choir to Eastminster and those from the wedding of Nayana Reis who was rescued from the streets of Brazil through “Hope Unlimited,” a ministry supported by Eastminster for more than twenty-five years.  

Yes, the pages of this Annual Review and the entire history of Eastminster Church are about hope.  Continue on and enjoy scores and scores of snapshots, countless more memories and moments of people in whom and through whom our living Lord is at work, even now, bringing hope.

Soli Deo gloria,


Dr. Bradley D. Smith
Senior Pastor/Head of Staff

You can find hard copies in our Welcome Center and the Sunshine Room. With questions or suggestions, contact Blythe Lewis (ext 165), or email to [email protected].
(Attached are pdfs of the 2015-2018 Annual Reviews.)