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Eastminster Today magazine began with the August/September issue of 2016. The purpose of this publication is to tell the "stories" of the ministries at EPC in a more comprehensive way to give you a sense of the seasons of the church, highlighting members and staff for unique accomplishments or milestones in their faith and lives, as well as featuring new ministries and illustrating EPC's leadership and theological direction.  This publication is meant to archive the happenings in the life of the church. We hope to share good news about what members of the Eastminster family are doing that you may not already know about, whether right here in our community or out in the world.  Examples of these feature stories: NED Revive! The Five Kingdom Goals, Discernment Teams, The Ariail Legacy: Endowment Gift in 2019, Julia Rayfield: Artist, Colson CareyScouting, Dr. Jim St. John's Retirement: An interview with Jim & Ann, and The Donaho Teaching Church Endowment Fund: Established in 2017. If you have a story that needs to be shared with the Eastminster family about a special ministry, group or individual, please contact Blythe Lewis at [email protected] 


Take a look and think of other ways members of your church family are serving.  If you would like to write an article, or suggest an interview or story, please contact Blythe Lewis at [email protected], or call her at 256-1654 xt165.  Photos to illustrate these articles are appreciated and can either be emailed, or scanned here at the church office and returned, or we can arrange to take photos.  

We will publish five issues per year:
Aug/Sept - Fall Issue w/Classes & WE at EPC Menu Insert
Oct/Nov - Stewardship Issue
Dec/Jan - Advent Issue w/Winter/Spring Classes & WE at EPC Menu Insert
March/April/May - Lent Spring Issue
June/July - Summer Issue

If you hear of anything or know news of someone or some family and you think it should be included in the archives, please contact communications at EPC. If you are interested in submitting an article that you will write for us, or have an idea that you'd like to provide information on via an interview, but have someone else author it, that works fine too. We suggest that a one-page article is around 350 words and a two-page article around 700. Photos either hard-copies, which we can scan here, or digital for emailing to us, are greatly appreciated. We also have the ability to take photos if need be.

Thank you for your interest in Eastminster Today magazine.

Blythe Lewis - Dir. of Communications
[email protected]
803.256.1654 EXT 165

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