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26 Mar

Eastminster’s 75th Anniversary Missions Emphasis Sunday

March 26, 2023
9:00am - 1:00pm

As our 75th Anniversary year unfolds, we will continue to celebrate Eastminster’s story! Please mark your calendars for our Missions Weekend, March 25-26:

  • Saturday, March 25th- An intergenerational missions day.
  • Sunday, March 26th- Special worship services with Dr. Ellen Skidmore, who will be preaching, and Dr. Eric Skidmore and Dr. John Frye, who will be assisting in worship, followed by a congregational lunch.

In celebration of Eastminster’s upcoming 75th Anniversary, Eastminster is publishing a beautiful hardcover book- “His Story. Our Story: Celebrating 75 Years of Ministry”- that features over 100 pages of recollections written by 52 members. This latest volume of Eastminster’s historical accounts follows other archive books (35th and 50th anniversaries) and spotlights the most recent 25 years, 1998-2023. Scheduled for a late January 2023 release, a limited supply of “His Story. Our Story: Celebrating 75 Years of Ministry” is now available for pre-orders. Books are $25 each. Click the button below to pre-order your book.

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