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29 Jan

Sundays@5 Class – Journey Through Matthew

January 29 - April 2, 2023
5:00pm - 6:30pm
Adult Reception Hall

This year marks Eastminster’s 75th Anniversary bearing witness to the love of God. A particularly unique aspect of the 75th Anniversary is the congregation will be walking through a church-wide study, Journey Through the Bible, where the congregation will read 72 different stories from the core narrative of the Bible.

After immersing ourselves in the history and theology of Israel throughout the Fall, the Journey Through the Bible is moving into the Gospel according to Matthew in the New Year. We will once again have two principal passages each week, supported and supplemented by a schedule of daily readings from Matthew and other books of the Bible. Between the focus texts and the daily readings, the congregation has the opportunity to read and reflect on Matthew in its entirety between now and Easter.

Click the button below to visit our website to find all the resources for Journey Through the Bible including: recording/lessons and the 2023 Winter/Spring reading schedule.