Hospitality and Worship Assistance

At Eastminster, we hope to make both getting to our campus, parking and navigating, as well as your worship experience as easy and meaningful as possible. Whether you are visiting our campus for the very first time, or familiar with our buildings and just trying to find a new class location, we hope you will be able to find everything easily. Even more importantly, we want your classroom and worship experiences to be without distractions or difficulties so that you feel comfortable and are able to get the most our of classes and worship while you are here. 
The following is a list of various nuances that are in place or have been added to make our facilities more physically accommodating, and key information easier to access. We welcome your feedback and recommendations after you visit Eastminster.

External Signage Throughout Our Campus - Wayfinding
Plentiful Visitor Parking Spaces
Handicapped Parking - Lower Medway Lot
Portico - Drive Loop close to Wheelchair Access
Elevators in Key locations for access to Classrooms and Sanctuary
Internal Color-Coded Signage (Sanctuary, Admin Bldg., Christian Ed Bldg., Day School, CLC & Thompson Hall)
Welcome Center (Sanctuary) & Sunshine Room (Thompson Hall) with Information for Members & Guests
Flat Screens with Helpful Information about Upcoming Events in Entranceways
Worship Announcements w/Large Screens Projected Visual Reminders
Large Print Hymnals
Large Print Bulletins
**Sound Loop Access for Those with Hearing Aids that have a T-Coil
Brides & Babies Room
- Room S-97 (Sanctuary Basement) This room is for Brides and bridesmaids before the wedding ceremony as well as for nursing moms and their babies whenever there are worship services in our Sanctuary.
The room is equipped with changing tables, rocking chairs and a flat screen tv with a live worship feed. There is also a room screen available for privacy.
Live Streaming of Worship Services - If you are unable to come to our campus for worship on Sunday morning because of travel or illness, you can access the Sanctuary services via the LIVE WORSHIP FEED button on the homepage real-time (either 9:00 AM or 11:15 AM during the school year and then at 10:00 AM during the summer.)

**If you have a hearing aid that has a t-coil, you may need to ask your audiologist to activate the "public t-coil setting."