Adult Ministry @ EPC

Adult Ministry at EPC means different things to different people. Some are involved in Small Groups and meet weekly to study, fellowship and strengthen their faith. Others belong to EPW and unite for annual events with other women from Eastminster and area churches to support a charity, grow spiritually, and enjoy the company of other Christian women. Still others (men) are regulars at the Monday Morning Men's Bible Study, where Christian men seek insights and focus, and are intentional about a Christ-centered approach to the week, whether a workweek or not.  In some cases adults have a ritual in the way they contribute to a ministry, e.g., some enjoy making four pound cakes, or a heaping bowl of pasta salad, or simply taking bunches of bananas for Transitions each third Thursday.  Some brave adults even teach Sunday school on Sunday mornings or take their children to Black Mountain for the annual Advent Retreat each year.  There are also some really talented adults who sing in our choir, go on retreats, and even perform abroad.  

However you are involved in the adult ministries here at Eastminster, whether a lot or minimally, you are hopefully growing in your faith. This may just be a confusing way to say there is something at EPC for everyone - yes the old cliche, yet it seems to be true.  Look around out here...Introduce yourself to Eastminster and see the many ways adults (college students, single people, young couples, parents, grandparents, widows, people from Columbia or those who have relocated to Columbia - you name it - with Christ in common) can worship, serve, learn, teach, share, give and ultimately grow, who love God and each other, and know we are never really  too young, or too old, to be molded by the Holy Spirit, to invite or be invited...


There are many wonderful opportunities for fellowship while deepening your faith and knowledge here at Eastminster. Many adults are in small groups and classes or teach a class themselves.
There are meals on Wednesday nights before classes and Small Groups gather each week. Childcare is usually provided so adults can carve out time for a class or two on Sundays.
Take a look at the list of Sunday School Classes on the link in the sidebar and join us.