Drop-In Nursery

December 2020 – COVID19 UPDATE
Eastminster Drop-In Nursery
DirectorAngel Jeffcoat


Ages:   Infants 8 weeks through 2K school year ages
             Infant room has 3 slots available for November 2020
             Good crawler/walker room - 1’s has 6 slots available for November 2020
             2K room has 6 slots available for November 2020                             

Hours: 9:00a-12:00p Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday  
(Children can arrive and be picked up anytime during these hours.)

***If drop-off/pick-up is before 9am or after 12:00pm, there is a charge of $10 for each offense PLUS $1/per minute.***

Registration: Forms can be completed the first day your child attends. NO YEARLY REGISTRATION FEES WILL BE CHARGED FOR NOW.

Hourly Rates:  $7/hour for first child, + $3/hour for each additional child.
Billing Invoices are e-mailed at the end of each month.

You need to average using the Drop-In 6 hours a week minimum for each child.

Child must bring
their own sippy cups, bottles, and blankets. Please label all items (bag, bottles/sippy cups and personal items) and pack a change of seasonal clothes for your child each day.
Please notify us of changes in address, phone numbers, allergies, people approved for pick-up or any needs you may have.
Your phone number(s) will be added to our text notifications service to notify you of closings or other pertinent information pertaining to the Drop-In Nursery.

Below is the link to the EPC CLC Drop-In registration for the month of November. 

We had a great October and go forward into November with 3 infant spots, 6 crawler/walker through one-year-old spots, and 6 2K slots available for the month.
If you are sure (barring unforeseen illness) that you will use the drop in at least 6 hours a week for each child during the month of November, then you can try to register with us.
For now, each month we'll redo the whole registration process over again and hopefully allow more spots to open if things are successful.

CLICK HERE for Eastminster Drop-In Nursery DECEMBER REGISTRATION Form

Sickness/Illness Policy

Eastminster Drop-In Nursery is equipped to care for well children only.  Please do not bring your child to the Drop-In if he or she has been sick the night before.  If your child has any of the following, the Drop-In requires that you keep him or her out of our care for the protection of himself/herself and others: bad cold, runny nose with green/yellow discharge, uncontrolled cough, sore throat, mouth sores, fever, “cold” headache, acute pain, severe lethargy, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and/or any condition that prevents the child participating in usual activities or requiring one-on-one care.

Please keep your child home for twenty-four (24) hours after a fever has broken.

If your child gets sick while in the care of the Drop-In, (this means if your child develops a fever, has diarrhea, vomits, or is not well enough to remain at school, etc.) you will be called and expected to pick him or her up immediately.  If you cannot pick your child up, please make arrangements for someone to do so promptly.  If we cannot reach either parent, emergency contacts listed on your Registration Form will be contacted.  Please make sure that these persons are aware that they may be called to pick your child up in case of an illness and/or accident.

Please note that a child may not remain at school with a fever or diarrhea for any reason.

The Drop-In will not, for any reason, administer over-the-counter or prescription medication to your child at any time while in attendance.

Please notify the Director if your child has been exposed to a contagious disease such as chicken pox, head lice, pin worms, etc.  If your child has any of the above please keep him or her home for at least twenty-four (24) hours after treatment and/or until all symptoms are gone.  In the case of chicken pox, children should be kept home for a minimum of seven days from the start of an outbreak and/or until all spots are blistered and dry.  In the case of head lice, the Drop-In requires that children be completely nit free before returning.

These policies are in line with both Eastminster Day School and the school districts of South Carolina.