Personal Trainers

Meet the CLC Personal Trainers!

James Anderson - (803) 201-4576

James Anderson:

James is best known as our inspiring "Chairobics & Arthritis" Class Coach. He also takes his Spiritual Music to the weight room, where he can personally train you to be healthy & fit. 
Experience & Certifications:
Certified by International Sports Science Association:
Sr. Fitness Specialist
Certified Boxing Fitness Trainer
Certified by the American Red Cross:
CPR, AED & First Aid

Lisa Dye - (803) 665-7300

Lisa Dye: 

Lisa and her family are active members at Eastminster, and very familiar with the CLC. In fact, Lisa was on the initial CLC building committee, and now years later is the Mgr. of the CLC and an enthusiastic personal trainer. She has the ability to motivate participants to begin or start fresh when it comes to their own wellness journeys. Her positivity helps her clients visualize their successes! Organizational knowledge, experience in fitness and Lisa's understanding of the do's & don't's of nutrition, allow her to help her clients make healthy changes to their routines that show positive results.
Experience & Certifications:
Certified by Les Mills:

Body Pump, Body Step, Body Attack, Body Jam, Body Flow and CXWORX (Core class)
Certified by Tribe Team Training:
Tribe Fit, Tribe Life and Tribe Kids
Certified in The Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA)
Certified by the American Red Cross:

CPR, AED & First Aid


Darby Graham -  (803) 414-6872

Darby Graham:

Darby is our newest addition to the CLC. Her passion for health and wellness, coupled with her desire to help others achieve their fitness goals, led her to this wonderful career.
Experience & Certifications:
Certified by the American Council on Exercise (ACE):

Personal Trainer
Certified by the American Red Cross:
CPR, AED and First Aid
Certified by AASDN:
Nutrition Specialist
Certified by TRX:
Spin/Cycle and Tabata
Certified by The American Red Cross:
CPR, AED & First Aid

Tim Graham 

Tim Graham:

Tim has trained over 300 people in the last 15 years. General fitness, weight loss and nutrition are his passion. Find out more about Tim at
Experience & Certifications:
Certified by American Council on Exercise (ACE):
Personal Trainer
Certified by American Red Cross:
CPR, AED & First Aid

Liz Hart - (803) 318-2796

Liz Hart:

Liz has been a personal trainer at the CLC for 11 years. She has trained hundreds of fantastic people. She first focuses on posture and alignment - then mobility, balance and strength. She says, "Our Eastminster CLC Fitness Center is small by mighty and VERY Welcoming!"
Experience & Certifications:
Certified by Baylor Sports Medicine Institute:
Personal Training
Rehabilitative Exercise Specialist
Certified by The American Red Cross:
CPR, AED & First Aid

Susanne Hicklin - (803) 240-6325

Susanne Hicklin:

Susanne is an active member and deacon of Eastminster. She wants to help you on your fitness journey through dedication, motivation and consistency. She will help enable you to live a vibrant, purposeful life as God intends for you. With a Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology and a deep understanding of how individuals make decisions and choices, Susanne is able to provide individualized attention and programming to best meet your needs.

Experience & Certifications:
Certified by American Council on Exercise (ACE):Personal Trainer
Certified by TRX:Suspension Training
Certified by American Red Cross:CPR & AED 





David Robinson - (212) 203-5045

David Robinson:

David is a dedicated fitness professional with a passion for improving the health, wellness, and quality of life for his clients. He delivers high energy training by using the latest techniques in exercise science, cardio programs and strength training. He loves to develop programs for youth, teens, adults and senior citizens that are fun and effective.

Experience & Certifications:  
Certified with AAAI/ISMA:
Personal Fitness Trainer
AAAI/ISMA Sports Nutrition Consultant

David loves to share his passion for Jesus Christ with his clients each time they workout because he feels that it makes their day brighter and better. He loves to point out the bible verses written on the whiteboards.

Heather Stokes - (803) 528-1292

Heather Stokes:

Heather's passion is dance and fitness. She graduated with a degree in Dance Theater from AMDA in New York City. She has choreographed many dances for theaters around town. She even auditioned for “So You Think You Can Dance?” Heather loves teaching various classes and personal training. She loves building meaningful relationships with who she calls "family." She believes in working hard, building strong muscles and having a fantastic time while doing it.

Experience & Certifications:
Certified by Les Mills:

Body Attack, Body Pump, Sh'Bam & Extreme Core.
Developed/Now Teaching: Barre class (Heather Stokes Original)

Heather is an active member of Shandon Baptist Church; and has been to Jerusalem several times with her church as a children's chaperone.


Christine Tyler - (803) 445-6141

Christine Tyler:

Christine is a mom of 3 boys and 1 baby girl, whom she is busy homeschooling. She likes to customize her instruction to fit her client's interests and needs. Her passion is to train people with creativity and fun - helping her clients reach whatever fitness goals they have.
Experience & Certifications:  
Certified by Les Mills:
Body Step, Body Pump, Body Attack and Sh’Bam.
Certified by Tribe Team:
Tribe Life, Tribe Fit and Tribe Kids.
Certified in the National Academy of Sports Medicine.
Certified by the American Heart Association:
CPR, AED & First Aid.