Rules & Policies

General Rules

  1. Everyone using the CLC facility must complete a CLC Health Information Packet, Secured Access System card and provide a copy of a photo ID for our files.
  2. Everyone must comply with all Secured Access System procedures
  3. Please CHECK IN and OUT at the CLC front desk on each visit.
  4. Everyone unfamiliar with correct and safe operation of any exercise equipment, Etc. must receive prior instruction before using that equipment.
  5. Only CLC Staff and other authorized persons are allowed behind the CLC desk.
  6. The CLC Staff and Volunteers are not responsible for the care, discipline, or entertainment of children.
  7. Children under 10 years of age must be supervised by an adult.
  8. No children under 16 years of age are allowed in the Exercise Room
  9. No children under 12 years of age are allowed on the Walking Track.
  10. All Game Room and Gym equipment must be checked out from the CLC front desk.
  11. First Aid supplies are available at the CLC front desk.
  12. The CLC Staff and Volunteers have the right to ask anyone to leave for non-compliance of the rules and regulations of the Christian Life Center.

Basketball Court Rules

  1. Basketball Court time is available by reservation only.
  2. Please wear only appropriate shoes on the hardwood basketball floor.
  3. No DUNKING OR HANGING on the basketball goals.
  4. No FOOD, DRINK, OR GUM allowed on the basketball floor area.
  5. Fighting, foul language, inappropriate dress or behavior will not be tolerated.
  7. Only appropriate clothing must be worn in the CLC. Pants MUST BE WORN AT THE WAIST.
  8. Please do not kick or throw objects into the divider curtain. Please do not touch the Divider Curtain.

General Policies

  1. The Eastminster Christian Life Center is governed by and in compliance with all rules, regulations and policies of Eastminster Presbyterian Church.
  2. Any person or group requesting a reserved area of the CLC for special events, meetings, or gatherings must go through a request and approval process by the CLC Director, CLC Committee and any other governing bodies of Eastminster Presbyterian Church.
  3. Personal Trainers, Class Instructors and/or coaches are not allowed to use the Christian Life Center in any instructional capacity without a contract or written consent of the CLC Director.
  4. The CLC Staff and Volunteers have the right to prohibit violators of the afore mentioned rules and regulations, access to the basketball court, game room, exercise room and walking track.

Game Room

  1. Game room equipment may be checked out at the CLC reception desk.
  2. Game tables are placed so that each game can be played without interfering with others. Do not move, rearrange, or sit on tables.
  3. No Game Room equipment may be taken out of the Game room area except to be returned to the CLC reception desk.
  4. Any misuse or abuse of CLC equipment will be cause for immediate suspension of CLC privileges.


  1. EPC does not assume liability or responsibility for any participant while on church property or within a church building. The use of the CLC and all equipment will be at the risk of the participant.
  2. All groups/individuals applying to use the CLC must sign the waiver included on the registration form.
  3. The director or the CLC reception desk staff will be immediately informed of any injury that occurs in or around the CLC. A written report will be completed and kept on file.
  4. Valuables should not be brought to the CLC. However, purses and wallets and keys may be checked at the front desk. EPC assumes no responsibility for loss of personal items.
  5. A DSS background check may be necessary for working with children. A child abuse form must be completed and reviewed in accordance with the existing EPC abuse policy.

Lost and Found

  1. The lost and found area is located at the CLC reception desk.
  2. Participants are encouraged to put their names on all items such as warm-ups, shoes, jackets, equipment bags, and shirts, etc.
  3. Lost and found items, which are not claimed within 60 days will be donated to the Cooperative Ministry or otherwise disposed of.

CLC Reception Desk

  1. Only authorized personnel are permitted behind the CLC reception desk.
  2. The sound system for the CLC is operated from the CLC reception desk. Only authorized personnel will regulate announcements and music for CLC.
  3. The CLC desk is our WELCOME AND INFORMATION AREA. If you have any questions concerning the facility or programs in the church, you can find the answers in this area or be directed to the proper person.
  4. The CLC reception desk phone is for use of CLC staff only.