Extended Care Activities FALL 2021

Each child must be registered separately for each class. Payment for all fees is due at the time of registration.  There are no refunds. Registration for classes is for the entirety of the term. Specific details/dates about each class is included in the information prior to registration.  After registration, and before your child may participate, a consent packet must be completed with the EDS office.  Children are not allowed to participate until the consent information has been completed.  A new consent packet is needed each school year. 

Karate - 3yrs+

Super Sports - 3-6yrs

Play Power Explorers Movement & Motor Skills Class2-3yr

Play Power runners Movement & Motor Skills Class - Toddlers

Play Power walkers Movement & Motor Skills Class - Nursery

Soccer Shots - 3's-5K

Tempo- Music and Yoga 3's-5K


Below are the DSS forms for each class. Please sign one for each class your child attends. Turn it in to your teacher before the first class.