Decorating at Eastminster

There are many events here at Eastminster that wouldn't be nearly as lovely, or meaningful if it weren't for the talent and creativity of the EPC Decorating Team, a key part of our Fellowship ministry. You may recall some of the vases of flowers and candlelit tables at a Small Group Kick-off dinner in Thompson Hall, or seeing homemade cakes unique to each table at the 70th Birthday Celebration in the CLC, or possibly the "outdoorsy" decor at a Sportsmen's Banquet. These are just a few of the events that these volunteers help with each year.


If you are on a ministry team with an upcoming event and need some decorating assistance, please contact Sarah Beasley in the church office at extension 122, or CLICK HERE to send Sarah an email. If you already have key details, you can save some time by downloading the form attached below, or fill out the online form by CLICKING HERE. Hard copies should be returned to the church office (attn. Sarah Beasley) so she will have the info needed to best help get you started!