Eastminster Presbyterian Women EPW


EPW Coordinating Council:

Meets monthly from September through December, on the first Tuesday of the month at noon in the Byrd Room in Thompson Hall.  This council is made up of women who are in Circles, or who lead particular areas of ministry within EPW itself, and help plan for the women of EPC.  The Circle Chairs are also part of the Coordinating Council.

Moderator:  Boo Griffin ​
Moderator-Elect: LeeAnn Harris 
Spiritual Enrichment Coordinator: Joni Richardson
Secretary:  Rachel Chaplin
Treasurer: Jane Francis
Events Coordinator: Anne Kleitches
Communications Coordinator:  Miriam Covar
Service Projects Coordinator:  Amy Teas
Bible Study Coordinator: Carol Hill
Outreach Coordinator:  Kerry Boykin
Global Awareness Coordinator: Stacy Strong 
Parliamentarian: TBD
Historian: Christy McWilliams 
Women's Development Coordinator: Katie Evatt

Pastoral Liaison: Rev. Lynn Grandsire [email protected]
Administrative Support: Sarah Beasley [email protected]

EPW Circles:  Meet monthly from October through May.  There are currently three circles which study the same material, but meet at different times and places.  Each year we select a specific venue, studying and comparing scripture with other art forms to understand how it relates to our lives as Christians. The Bible Moderators lessons are held on the fourth Tuesday of the month from September to April at 10:30 am in the Pastor’s Conference Room.

Circle #1 meets the second Monday of the month at 10:00 am in the Adult Reception Hall.
Coordinator: Jennifer Lott

Circle #3 meets the second Monday of the month at 10:00 am in different members’ homes.
Coordinator: Cyntha Dobson 

Circle #6 meets monthly usually on the third Sunday of the month, at 5:00 pm, in tandem with "Jesus Rocks" for first through fifth graders. Circle 6 meets in the CLC.
Coordinator: Eleanor Boyd

EPW Bible Studies:  Meet for about a six week period of time in the fall and the spring.  There is a daytime and an evening study.  EPW Bible Study Coordinator is Elizabeth Rasor. Topics and speakers vary. Contact Sarah Beasley in the Church Office to find out if there is currently a Bible Study that you can join. Her email address is [email protected].

EPW Daytime Bible Study:
This Bible Study meets on Tuesday mornings at 10:00 am, in Room 353, in the Christian Education Building, usually for two 6-week sessions per year (may be shorter depending on start date) - One in the fall and one in the spring and vary in topic and leader.  Teachers may lead these studies, or a study may be based on a video series with a facilitator.
EPW Evening Bible Study:
This Bible Study meets on [email protected] in Room 355 in the Christian Education Building, usually for about six weeks. The study breaks every other month to attend the PEACE Service.  Rev. Lynn Grandsire usually teaches in the fall and spring.

EPW Events:

The Fall Gathering:  The Fall Gathering usually takes place on a Tuesday in September and is the kick-off for EPW's ministry each year.  Our Fall Gathering for 2019 is September 17! There is always a wonderful lunch in Thompson Hall and an overview of the circle material and the Bible studies that will be offered each year.  The Coordinating Council officers are also installed at this event.

The Joy Gift Tea:  The Joy Gift Tea is a gathering that usually takes place on the first Tuesday of December (December 3, 2019) and is a drop-in luncheon.  It is usually held from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm, in the Adult Reception Hall.  During this gathering, we always enjoy fellowship with one another and have an opportunity to donate to the PCUSA Joy Gift fund, as well as to the Women’s Shelter, to provide Christmas presents for the women who live there. Both are very meaningful causes for Eastminster Presbyterian Women.  
The Sisters-in-Christ Dinner:  The "Sisters-in-Christ" Dinner is usually on a Wednesday in April at 5:30 pm in Thompson Hall.  Each year this event is dedicated to a particular missions ministry, either global or local.  This event is always coordinated by the Global Awareness Coordinator. This past April, we installed the 2018-2019 Coordinating Council and bestowed the Honorary Lifetime Membership Award(s).  The 2019 winners were Sara Lynn Curtis and Angie Durrett.  Congratulations everyone!  We look forward to our next Sisters-in-Christ event in 2020!
Presbyterian Connections: We are able to attend any PW functions offered by the Presbytery or National PW.  EPW also makes a meal for the Presbyterian students at USC and at another time provides cookies for their meeting.  This is usually done in the Fall of the year.