Serve the World


Haiti - Medical Missions - Hospital Ste Croix

Since 2013, Eastminster has sent five work teams to work at the hospital and at the Darbonne clinic. Dr. David Hicklin and Melanie DaVega worked with local dentists to deliver care and hygiene to many. March Seabrook, Susan Ratteree, Billie Muthig and others helped with medical training. Anne Seabrook has become the essential member of every team she’s participated on with her French language and her organizational abilities! Betsy Bakhaus has captured thousands of wonderful photos. Mark Rosenberg, a contractor on several trips with ‘MacGuyver’ skills has become famous around Leogane. And John Arnold, John Bakhaus, Peter Brissette, Matthew Burns, Eddie Laney, John Derham, and Bill Ratteree have built countless shelves. 

Not to be outdone, our ministers Brad and Mark were up on ladders, hammers and paint brushes in hand, making their contributions too, but their words of encouragement were the best - not only to us, but also to our Haitian hosts and co-workers. Robin Muthig built a patient inquiry system...Anne Seabrook, Sharon Besley, Jane Brissette, Sheila Arnold, Josephine Laney and Virginia Penninger organized mountains of supplies and painted the entire second floor of the hospital. The list goes on...
Our most recent trip was last February. A group of Eastminster volunteers and even a friend of EPC traveled to SERVE with Pastor Brad Smith.  There’s a place on the next trip for YOU!  We always need medical support volunteers, but we also need people with good home improvement skills/ Dental and professionals are also needed, but there is something for everyone to do in Haiti. Translators are provided. Participants must be at least 16 years old. Cost is usually around $1000 per person which covers air and ground transportation, lodging, meals, and work materials. Trip expenses are tax deductible. We especially need medical personnel to go with us, so invite your internist or your dentist!  To learn more about future trips to Haiti, contact Christina Siokos at, or 256-1654, ext. 123. 

For more information, contact Rev. Brian Marsh, Associate Pastor for Mission, Service and Benevolence, [email protected] or 803-256-1654 x164 or Jane Brissette, [email protected] or 540-3937.


Rebuilding Hope In New Orleans: RHINO

RHINO is an outreach program of St. Charles Avenue Presbyterian Church in downtown New Orleans. The ministry actively works to help New Orleans residents restore their lives both physically and spiritually through the service of nationwide partners. We work in partnership with Habitat for Humanity to renovate homes, and continue to serve those in need as God calls us to do. For information on RHINO, visit their website. You may also contact Christina Siokos at [email protected], or 256-1654, ext. 123.


Living Waters for the World - (LWW) Dominican Republic

Living Waters for the World (LWW) is a global ministry that provides sustainable clean water and fosters long-term, mutually beneficial relationships between volunteers and communities in need. It is a ministry of the Synod of Living Waters, Presbyterian Church (USA).  Living Waters for the World trains volunteers to establish and lead water mission teams that partner with international communities to implement water purification systems and health education.  Seven Eastminster members have been trained through Clean Water University, and three members spent a week in Angosturra, Dominican Republic in  2016, working alongside residents to install a purification system. They will return for three years, to monitor the system. Plans are in progress for a second installation.

For general World Missions questions, or to learn about upcoming opportunities to REACH OUT in the World, please contact Christina Siokos at [email protected], or 256-1654, ext. 123.