Global Missions

Trinity Presbytery Sudan Mission:  Through Trinity Presbytery, Eastminster donates funds towards clean water projects in Sudan.  Past projects include building two schools, publishing the Bible in the native language, and supporting a medical doctor.

Medical Benevolence Foundation:  MBF works as an indispensable link to build and empower the ministry of Presbyterian churches in the majority world by developing strong, self-sustaining health-care ministries.  MBF supports local hospitals and clinics around the world, as well as missionaries and native schools that promote public health.  EPC has been affiliated with MBF since our charter. 

Nile Seminary Student Scholarship and Nile Theological College:  A mission of the Presbyterian Church USA, Nile Theological Seminary in Malakal, Southern Sudan, awards the basic ministry degree and the Doctorate of Theology.  Students come from all of Africa and from Southeast Asia.  Many students have no financial support and work for the Seminary in maintenance and students. 

IMCK Congo Good Shepherd Hospital:  Under Presbyterian Mission Agency, Medical Benevolence Foundation sponsors the 160-bed hospital at Tshikaji in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  MBF provides financial assistance and medical/administrative missionaries to work alongside native doctors and nurses.  The hospital provides services within a radius of 500 miles in Central Africa.  Among the many types of healthcare offered is maternity care resulting in an increase in healthy live births.  Eastminster has partnered to provide a hydro-electric generator and to support several doctors and nurses who served the hospital through the years.  Among the many types of healthcare offered is maternity care. 

Missionary Christmas Gifts:  Non-taxable cash gifts are given to missionaries at the end of the year for their personal use.

Taiwanese Pastor Exchange: A program that EPC participates in with supported missionary, John McCall. Every other year, we send a delegate to worship with and learn about the Presbyterian churches in Taiwan. In alternate years, the Taiwanese send a delegation of pastors to churches in the United States.

Global Mission Contingency Reserve:  Funds set aside for unforeseen requests such as meals for missionary visits, special needs for missionaries or requests from our support agencies.

Haiti – Hospital St. Croix: Located in Leogane, Haiti, HSC is a 60 bed inpatient facility with 3 operating rooms, maternity care, dental clinic, and medical care for chronic and acute illnesses. They also see about 1,500 outpatients per month. Their mission is to decrease mortality rates and increase community health overall as well as increase specialty services for those who are able to pay to help provide more care for those are not able to pay.

Mission School in Ethiopia:  Bethel Evangelical Secondary School in Dembi Dollo, Mirab Welega Zone, Oromia Region, Ethiopia.  The school was built and is operated by Bethel Evangelical Church of the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus with financial assistance from the Presbyterian Church (USA).  www.bethelevangelicalschool/