Mission Trips/Travel

Living Waters for the World:  Mississippi-based Living Waters is a validated ministry of PC (USA) and other Christian denominations.  Americans train to construct purification facilities, lay pipes to a water source, bottle clean water, train natives in maintenance and public health issues regarding clean water.  www.livingwatersfortheworld.org 

Church Sponsored Mission Trips:  Provides assistance/scholarship funds for EPC member(s) who need financial support in order to participate in a mission work trip. Youth Mission Trips:  Covers expenses not covered by payments of participants.   Children’s Mission Trip: Covers expenses not covered by payments of participants.

Pastor/Missionary Travel:  EPC gives every visiting missionary on home leave who visits with us a cash gift to help defray travel costs.  EPC helps defray the costs of travel for EPC ministers when they accompany work trips, mission trips, or member travel group trips.