(Above: Eastminster's Memorial Garden LEFT, Chancel RIGHT)

A funeral or memorial service is “A Witness to The Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ” and a celebration of the life of the deceased.  The service can be conducted at the church, graveside, or at a funeral home. 
When you have a death in your family and desire one of the Eastminster pastors to lead the service, please call the church office at (803) 256-1654, and speak with either Sarah Beasley x122, or Reverend Lynn Grandsire x163.  
This service is based on The Lord’s Day Service, and the last word spoken always reveals the promise of eternal life through Jesus Christ.
If you desire to do any preplanning for your funeral or a loved one’s funeral, we have planning brochures at the church office.  These booklets provide information regarding the service and answer frequently asked questions.
Eligible for interment in Eastminster's Memorial Garden are the cremains of members, former members, members' family, pastors, and etc. (See attached booklet to learn more.)
Please contact Bill Collins at [email protected] for details regarding The Memorial Garden.