Welcome Guests!


Visit The Welcome Center:

If you are a guest of Eastminster on Sunday morning attending traditional worship, please stop by our Welcome Center in the Narthex and a 
greeter can help answer any questions you may have. If you are a first-time guest, please let us know. We have a gift of locally harvested honey for you in our welcome areas.

There are also brochures and magazines about our ministries that you can take with you after worship. 
Our tagline since 2015 has been Gathering Together...Reaching Out, with the emphasis on Reaching Out two years ago. Last fall, we entered into a new season with an emphasis on 
Joyfulness - We heard messages during sermons, read devotionals, went to classes and enjoyed video testimonials we (the Eastminster family) proclaimed that we are "Sharing the Joy!" - As we move further into 2018 and think towards our fall series, you will see yet another shift in our messaging that will be communicated fully on Dedication Sunday, October 28, 2018.


Visit The Sunshine Room:

If you are attending the Jubilee Worship service (contemporary worship) in Thompson Hall, please stop by The Sunshine Room, which is directly outside of Thompson Hall at the far end next to the kitchen. There is a hospitality table (pictured above) with information about the ministries of Eastminster. Like at The Welcome Center, you will usually see a poster in this area that highlights current curriculum, an upcoming event, or a theme in the life of Eastminster. You will also find issues of Eastminster Today magazines, and in the fall, there will be inserts that help give current information about Sunday morning classes including classroom numbers for infants - adults.

In the fall issue of Eastminster Today, there will be a new 4-page center insert with Fall Classes for Wednesday and Sunday nights &  WE @ EPC Dinner Menus. There should also be a few copies of the Annual Review, complimentary pens for you to take with you, even car magnets, etc. If you have questions about Jubilee worship, or Eastminster in general, look for one of our adult greeters in the Narthex, or high school youth volunteers (wearing the navy blue "Jubilee Greeter" t-shirts) at the entrances of Thompson Hall and ask for assistance. 

Don't forget to let a member or worship leader know if this is your first time visiting Eastminster, whether Sanctuary or Jubilee worship, to receive your complimentary honey!