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Changing Complaints Into Contentment

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Scripture:  “But godliness with contentment is great gain, for we brought nothing into the world, and we cannot take anything out of the world.” – 1 Timothy 6:6-7

On any given weeknight, you can hear someone within the Curtis household complaining. It could be our nine-year-old son voicing his distaste over what is being cooked for dinner. Or it could be me, as I pack for a work trip and out of 100 pieces of clothing, I somehow have nothing to wear. It could be my husband asking when his phone is eligible to be upgraded next. And the list goes on….

Last summer, the Sozo Children’s Choir from Uganda visited Eastminster. If there was one thing I took away from their visit, it was the children and their leaders’ continual spirit of joy and gratitude. They were so thankful for each meal, conversation, the chance to worship, and simple joys like a game of basketball with neighborhood friends.

Our Sozo community partnership newsletter arrived and included highlights from the demographic survey Sozo administered to the families that attend their Kid’s Club outreach program. A few of the findings about the 415 children in Kid’s Club include:

  • 85% below age 12;
  • 67% eat less than 3 meals per day;
  • 38% own 1-2 pairs of clothes;
  • 44% own 3-4 pairs of clothes;
  • 28% of the parents purchase unprescribed medication or use local herbs to treat child illness without ever seeing a physician;
  • 25% of the children are not in school;
  • 89% of children in school walk to school every day (no car or taxi); and 
  • 84% do not have the basic required school supplies.


Despite these children not having basic needs consistently taken care of, our Youth and leaders who have taken mission trips to Sozo Children in Uganda can attest to the smiles and joy present at Kid’s Club as they learn about Christ’s love.

Our family put the survey results on our refrigerator. When tempted to complain about our lives, circumstances, and what we do or do not have, the reality of our abundant blessings stares us in the face. May we each prayerfully consider God’s provision in our lives and how we can find true joy through giving more to His kingdom.

Prayer:  Dear Lord, may we seek the joy and contentment that can only be found in you. Give us opportunities to be radically generous with the abundant blessings in our lives. Amen.

Submitted by:  Jessica Curtis