Celebrating 75 Years

Eastminster Celebrates 75 Years in Ministry and Mission

Psalm 145 verses 1 and 3 say, “I will exalt you, my God the King; I will praise your name for ever and ever. Great is the LORD and most worthy of praise; his greatness no one can fathom.” On February 1, 1948, God blessed us all through the establishment of Eastminster Presbyterian Church, and for that, we praise his name and his faithfulness. In 2023, we celebrated Eastminster’s 75th Anniversary in ministry and mission. The theme of the 75th Anniversary was “His Story. Our Story.” God has been writing the story of Eastminster for 75 years and will continue to do so in the years to come.

75th Anniversary Book

In celebration of Eastminster’s 75th Anniversary, Eastminster published a beautiful hardcover book- His Story. Our Story: Celebrating 75 Years of Ministry. This book features over 100 pages of recollections written by 52 members. This latest volume of Eastminster’s historical accounts follows other archive books (35th and 50th anniversaries) and spotlights 1998-2023.

75th Anniversary Advent Devotional

In celebration of Eastminster’s 75th Anniversary, Eastminster released a special Advent Devotional in 2022. This Advent Devotional is comprised of devotionals submitted by current and past members, pastors, and staff over the past 22 years. Click below to read this collection of thoughts, Christmas memories, prayers, and hopeful resolutions of faith.

2022 Advent Devotional

75th Anniversary Church-Wide Study

We may discern some things about God standing alone on the beach; your next door neighbor may breathlessly describe an experience of God he had on the beaches of Normandy – but none of those revelations can contradict the character of the God we know in Jesus Christ. That is why Eastminster decided to put the communal reading, studying, sharing, and experiencing of scripture at the center of its Jubilee Year. Any celebration of God’s Story or our story, our present or our future, begins by immersing ourselves in this witness without parallel. When the church-wide study kicked off in August 2022, there were opportunities for people of every age and interest to engage in Christian community at Eastminster that were focused on building up the essential things – journeying through the Bible together in worship, Small Group Bible Study, Sunday School Classes, and larger Bible Studies two days during the week. 40% of Small Groups participated and 100% of Adult & Youth Sunday School classes participated. The purpose: not so that we could say we did, or to prove how good we are at being Christians, or to affirm how right we have always been about everything– but because the books of the Old and New Testaments are our “rule of faith and life” (Westminster Confession, 6.002). God’s word to us, now.

Eastminster's 75th Anniversary Special Video- Glimpses of God's Work in Our Midst

Eastminster's 75th Anniversary Slideshow of Historical Pictures

Eastminster's 75th Anniversary Gala

On January 28, 2023, close to 500 of Eastminster’s members and friends gathered for the 75th Anniversary Gala to celebrate Eastminster’s 75 years in ministry and mission. Held at Central Energy- also known as Downtown Church, which is an Eastminster Presbyterian church plant- those in attendance dined on a sumptuous feast, listened to music played by the Jackson Sisters String Quartet, watched a commemorative video, and heard remarks from 75th Anniversary Committee Chair, John McCarthur, and Senior Pastor, Brad Smith.

Eastminster's 75th Anniversary Sunday

On January 29, 2023, over 1,200 of Eastminster’s members and friends gathered for a rich day of worship and celebration. At the traditional worship service, bagpipes, brass instruments, and voices of the choir and congregation filled the Sanctuary. At the Birthday Celebration in the Christian Life Center, the sounds of chatter, of children singing “Happy Birthday,” and of pastors sharing some of their fondest Eastminster memories echoed throughout the gymnasium.

Eastminster's 75th Anniversary Missions Saturday

On March 25, 2023, over 300 church members honored Eastminster’s 75 years in mission by participating in Missions Day where they helped 19 different local organizations. Eastminster has always been an outreach-oriented church seeking to share the love of Christ. This Missions Day was a springboard to more days of service.

Eastminster's 75th Anniversary Homecoming Sunday

On March 26, Eastminster welcomed home pastors Dr. Ellen Skidmore, Dr. Eric Skidmore, and Dr. John Frye, and took a walk down memory lane at its congregational covered dish lunch!

Eastminster's 75th Anniversary Special Music Sunday

On April 30, Eastminster held a Special Music Sunday. 67 Years to the day on April 29, 1956, the doors of the Eastminster Sanctuary were opened with the music of Bach, Beethoven, and the sung prayer, “Bless This House, O Lord We Pray.” A litany of dedication was recited for the building and grounds, but more importantly, the congregation of Eastminster consecrated themselves in service to Christ. On Eastminster’s 75th Anniversary Special Music Sunday, Eastminster used its worship service for a time of thanksgiving and rededication.