Adult Evening Classes Readings & Resources

You do not want to miss EPC’s upcoming Winter classes! From January to March through Sundays@5 and Wednesday Evenings at Eastminster (WE@EPC), you will find places to strengthen your spiritual, physical, emotional, social, relational, and financial wellness, all while growing together with fellow believers in God’s Word. Winter classes focus on “Whole and Healthy Living for the People of God.” See below for details on and to register for the Winter classes.

CLICK HERE to download the Winter/Spring 2024 PM Classes Mailer.

2024 Sundays@5 Class Schedule:

  • Cultivating the Fruit of the Spirit with Dr. Douglass Key (January 7 – March 31) ARH. The class will explore how to practice your faith by cultivating the nine “Fruits of the Spirit” listed by the Apostle Paul in Galatians 5:22-23.
  • The Third Day: Living the Resurrection with Dr. Douglass Key (March 10 – April 21) ARH. For the balance of the Spring our class will be working with Tom Berlin’s book, The Third Day: Living the Resurrection.  We’ll look at individual witnesses to the resurrection, and consider how the resurrection profoundly changed their lives (and can change our lives too). REGISTER HERE and ORDER YOUR BOOK HERE.
  • (W)holy Healthy Living in a Stressful World with Dr. Brad Smith (January 28 – March 17) CLC 271 & 273. Classes will be led by various professionals on topics that change from week to week, such as Overcoming Anxiety/Depression, Weariness in a Wired World, Supporting Loved Ones with Mental Health Diagnoses, Balance in an Unbalanced World, and more. REGISTER HERE.

2024 WE@EPC Class Schedule:

  • Marriage Enrichment with Dr. Douglass Key (January 10 – May 8) E-357. This class is for couples married for three-18 years. Using the Prepare/Enrich marriage inventory, class members will explore this important covenant relationship in a program tailored to their particular relationship strengths, goals, and growth areas, in a community of support and learning. This class is full! We are excited to have 19 couples enrolled.
  • Bountiful Living with Dr. Brad Smith (January 24 – March 20) CLC 271 & 273. For empty nesters and beyond, this eight-session class will be led by various professionals on topics that change from week to week, such as Nutrition/Gut Health, Relationship Health, Retirement Planning, and more. REGISTER HERE.
  • Embracing the Biblical Practices of Lent with Rev. Emily Mooneyhan, Dr. Douglass Key & Dr. Ben Sloan
    (February 21 – March 20) CLC 269. 
    Our study will focus on embracing biblical disciplines. To sign up and see the list of topics each week, REGISTER HERE.