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Knowing Our Faith: Church-wide Fall Study

As we spend time this year discerning those things that our loyalty and devotion to Jesus Christ as Lord calls us to hold fast, and those things our faith calls us to release, we are going to start by remembering and rehearsing those core Christian commitments that are common to us all. Much like we did last year with the Journey Through the Bible, each week beginning September 10, we are going to concentrate on a classic Christian belief. In worship, on Sunday nights, and midweek during Small Groups and Youth Bible Studies, we are going to explore and investigate what our faith teaches us to believe. How does God make himself known to us? What does the Trinity, God as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, teach us about God’s being and character? Who are we as creatures of this God who bear the divine image? And so on.

The companion on this journey will be the book Knowing Our Faith: A Guide for Believers, Seekers, and Christian Communities by Justo Gonzalez. As an Eastminster member and/or a participant in the Fall ’23 church-wide study, you can easily place your order for Justo Gonzalez’s Knowing Our Faith paperback book, which has been preordered in bulk and stocked for your convenience. For details and to place your order, click the button below.

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Fall 2023 – Knowing Our Faith: A Guide for Believers, Seekers, and Christian Communities by Justo Gonzalez

Week of Sept 10:     
Introduction      Understanding the Faith
Week of Sept 17:      Chapter 1            Revelation
Week of Sept 24:     Chapter 2           The Triune Creator God

Week of Oct 01:        Chapter 3           Humankind (Stewardship)
Week of Oct 08:       Chapter 4           Redemption: Jesus Christ and the New Creation
Week of Oct 15:       
Chapter 5           The Spirit of Holiness
Week of Oct 22:        Chapter 6          The Church
Week of Oct 29:        Chapter 7           Worship in The Church

Week of Nov 05:       Chapter 8          Baptism and Communion
Week of Nov 12:        Chapter 9          Christian Hope and The Last Days
Week of Nov 19:       Chapter 10        The Christian Life