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I Am the Door

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Scripture:  “I am the gate.  Whoever enters by Me will be saved, and will come in and go out and find pasture.  The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy.  I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.” – John 10:9-10


Looking at the text, we notice that we not only have security by entering the door, but also we have freedom.  We can go in and out:  “I am the door; if anyone enters by Me, he will be saved, and will go in and out.”


I grew up in a Presbyterian family–but that tradition said “being saved’ was the important thing in one’s faith.  During those years, it never occurred to me to ask, “Okay, I’m in the sheep-fold.  What now?”  Now, do not misunderstand me.  To enter the sheepfold is the important facet of faith.  Walking through the door is what it is all about.  Such a step is like being born.  Unless you are born, you can never live.  


However, if one’s life is an endless celebration of birth, while ignoring growth, he/she will die.  Walking through the door into the sheepfold is important.  In that step, we discover our security, but accepting our full share of responsibility, “going in and out,” is our freedom.


We in the church have learned to say, “Come in,” much more persuasively than we have learned to say, “Go out,” in service.  We emphasize Christ as Savior while failing to acknowledge Christ as Lord of life.  We have confused people about the meaning of the church.  We have shown them that the church is a place in which to come instead of a calling to go out to service.  It seems to me that we have emphasized so much the value of “coming in” to the church, that we have lost touch with the power of “going out” to BE God’s church.   Our faith is not what we do on Sunday mornings.  Our faith is exercised in our daily life or not at all.  That is precisely what this Hebraic expression, “to go in and out,” means.  Once we go through the door to security, we have the freedom “to go in and out” to serve.  Christ is not only Savior; he is Lord of all of life.


Where is it that you and I need to go out?  Christ, the door, opens himself for us to come in.  He also opens the door for us to go out.  In many instances, Jesus, after healing someone, and inviting them in said, “Come follow me.”  That is, “Go out with me to a sick and wanting world.”


I conclude with this thought:  The disciples did not always understand who Jesus was as they sat at his feet listening to his teachings.  If they had understood, they would not have hidden behind barred doors after he was crucified.  They grew in faith, their spirits were fed and strengthened, and they discovered who Jesus was after his ascension when the Spirit of Pentecost sent them out to spread the faith in the world.  This is where you and I find pasture.  Doors may have been closed to us in the past, but Jesus says this morning:  “I AM the door — walking through me you find security, freedom, and nourishment.  I AM the door of hope.”


Prayer:  Heavenly Father, we pray that you will continue to lead us to come into your door and then go out of your door to serve others in your name.  Amen.


Submitted by Judy Holmes