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“Wisdom said, ‘Then I was constantly at his side. I was filled with delight day after day, rejoicing always in his presence, rejoicing in his whole world and delighting in mankind.’” Proverbs 8:30-31


EXCERPT FROM EUGENE PETERSON’S AS KINGFISHERS CATCH FIRE:  “Some people have the idea that the church and Scriptures are first of all a warning: don’t do this, be careful about that; you are in danger of this: beware of that….  Wisdom is the term that specializes in living well. Wisdom is the skilled living of truth in everyday reality.” (p. 195,196)


Last week, a long time friend of mine called to invite me to go fishing on his new boat. He needed two more people to help out. As it was, I could not make it and asked if he would consider our oldest son and a friend of his, and he accepted that idea.


Well they went. Fishing was good, even though they only landed two. Lines were broken other times, leaving to the imagination what was out there.


The fishing was an all-day event, and the next day my friend called about the boys as his guests on the boat. He was overflowing with comments about how the two were so respectful and willing to do their part on the boat. My buddy was able to sit back and relax some himself — a rarity for any boat captain — as the boys participated in the fishing and boating at hand.  My friend went further and sent a message conveying that he wants the boys to help out more often with these trips. An unexpected reward for the boys, actually young men, for doing the right things.


This is something a parent wants to hear: that the boys are out making good examples of all that you have tried to bestow on them as a parent-  the “Yes Sir” and “Thank you, Sir,” and the hard work they put forth. They had listened on how to do things the right way. They put themselves forward as good representatives of the families and as good representatives as Christians. They did the right things. As a result of their good actions and deeds on board the boat, they will be invited back. A good turn for good deeds. 


Just as these boys demonstrated how we want them to be, we need to do the same for God as he has taught us. In the beginning, God created Wisdom. This was the very beginning, before heaven and earth. Wisdom is about how we should be as God has taught us to be.  It is not about the punishment we receive for doing wrong; it is about how we should live our lives for God.  Just as parents try to train their children to be their best, we all should try to be our best in the eyes of God and His Son. 


Dear God, please help to guide us through our lives with the wisdom you have provided to us since the beginning — the beginning of time and the beginning of our lives. Help us to continue with the lessons of wisdom as we learn more every day and as we pass them on to our children and others.  Thank you for the wisdom you have given to us through your lessons and teachings and your son, Jesus.  Amen.


Submitted by Patten Watson