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Mission Possible – If You Choose to Accept It

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Scripture: “Know that the LORD is GOD.  It is He who made us, and we are His; we are His people, the sheep of His pasture.” – Psalm 100:3


Recently, I was challenged with whether we should involve God in the small and mundane things. For instance, during our prayer time, should we ask God for minor things (i.e., my kids having success in sports, winning a tennis match, having the right answer for your client)? There is no doubt that we seek God’s guidance, wisdom, and providence for the major things. We desire good results from the surgeon, and we are on pins and needles that a special someone will say “Yes!”  But, should we involve God in our normal Tuesday afternoon dilemma that probably will not matter by the time Tuesday night dinner rolls around?

I know, I know… the Sunday School answer is “yes.” But what is the practical answer?  During my above-referenced “challenge,” I wrestled with this exact problem, and I determined the answer is “yes” and “no.” How do you like that answer? Good one, I know!  Let me explain….


I had an eternal mentor once tell me that God is involved in every single little thing in your life.  However, you may not purposefully acknowledge his involvement. For that reason, God wants you to talk to him about the small stuff– not because your conversation with him will sway the outcome, but because he wants you to acknowledge that he is in charge and that he has your best interest in mind. 


However, there is more. This same eternal mentor told me that praying for the small things and big things should not totally encompass your conversation with God. Conversely, those portions of your prayers should be at the end. Before that, I believe that God wants to hear how incredibly thankful we are for him and others around us!  We should start all of our prayers with how grateful we are for God’s grace upon grace that we all receive and never ever deserve.

The holiest person I know is my father-in-law. He has taught me more than I can ever explain. When I asked Joni to marry me, he challenged me to make my marriage a three-person union, with Jesus in the center of it. More importantly, Jesus has to come first. If he does, then my grace for Joni will overflow with grace to my boys, which will overflow with grace to everyone else. Although I try to tell and show everyone my thankfulness, I fail at it everyday. I am a work in progress and you are too.  


So, here is my challenge to you today: Be thankful. Include God in the small things.  Talk to him about your thankfulness. Tell others how thankful you are of them. We have more than we deserve, and we did not earn any of it. But, God gave it to us anyway.  


Prayer: Jesus, thank You! Amen.


Submitted by Drew Richardson