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Nothing “Bundt” Freedom

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Scripture: “Strip down, start running – and never quit! No extra spiritual fat, no parasitic sins. Keep your eyes on Jesus, who both began and finished this race we’re in. Study how he did it.” – Romans 12: 2 (The Message) 

The teacher’s lounge… it gets me every time. Something else that gets me every time… Nothing Bundt Cakes. And you see, these two things usually go hand in hand – Nothing Bundt Cakes can almost always be found in the teacher’s lounge.

Maybe you have a “lounge” at your place of work or even at home that pulls you back right where you know you shouldn’t be. Over time these small, delicious, innocent things add up. Yes, my pants are presently a bit snugger, but it’s how I feel that’s got me thinking. All that sugar tasted so good on the way down, but it left me feeling run down and in the dumps, yet I was still craving more.

That’s when God whispered a word to me – something I have been lacking and so desperately need – “Discipline.” Aah, maybe you saw it coming too. Maybe you dread that word as much as I do. But maybe, just maybe, you needed to hear God whispering this to you too?

My lack of discipline with what was going in my mouth was also affecting what was coming out of my mouth – unkind and doubt-filled words, gossip, and dare I admit it, cuss words. Yep, I needed discipline in the spiritual sense as well.

Oddly, I don’t feel condemned by God for this word he has whispered over me. In fact, I feel relieved. God is showing me that I need to be more intentional and aware of what I am ingesting – both physically and spiritually.

So how does discipline happen spiritually? For me, these are my top five:

  1. Before you even brush your teeth in the morning, discipline yourself to start your day with God. (Okay, brush ‘em first, if you must.) As a result of being with him, you’ll begin to hear him and, one foot at a time, God will direct your steps.
  2. Discipline how you spend the rest of your day after you start it with him. Are there things you could cut out that may allow you to hear Him more clearly? Maybe pause that Netflix series, turn off that Sirius XM station, or stop the constant scrolling on Instagram?
  3. Discipline yourself to be honest with God and with yourself. It’s just a healthy habit. He already knows it, but there’s just a sense of release and relief when I confess my sins to him and lay it all at his feet.
  4. Discipline your mind and heart to imitate Christ’s. Love difficult people, after all, you’re one of them. (Okay, so I totally just stole that from a Facebook meme, but man, that one struck a chord in me!)
  5. Discipline yourself to have a heart of gratitude. I am a smiler. I smile a lot. But my smile is not always because I am happy. It is because I am thankful. So, okay, right now stop and think of something you’re thankful for… and just like that, I bet you’re smiling.

In closing, to quote a focus tip from one of my favorite present-day Christian authors, Cleere Cherry Reaves, “This week as you make decisions that are pleasing to God – decisions that deny your desire for instant gratification – remember that following Jesus will lead to a life of indescribable peace and overwhelming joy. What could be better than that?”

Y’all, there is nothing “bundt” freedom in disciplining yourself in Christ!

Prayer: Loving God, thank you for the ways in which you speak to us. Open the eyes of our hearts to truly hear you. We yearn to live a life of godly discipline. Create in us the desire, the will, and the perseverance to live lives that will glorify you working in us! Thank you, Jesus, thank you. Amen. 

Submitted by Julie Hudson