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Reminders About God From the Hummingbirds

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Scripture:  “Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?” – Matthew 6: 26-27

My wife Jennifer and I are having some renovations completed at our house, which has required us to eat most of our meals this summer (and now fall) in our sunroom.  The table is pushed up against a window, which is just a few feet away from our hummingbird feeder.  Our cramped quarters have come with a silver lining:  a close-up view of those amazing animals.  Here are just a few things these beautiful birds have reminded us about God:  

  1. God loves to see us stretch our wings and fly.  We love to watch these birds soar with confidence high up in the air.  We notice when they fly to a new tree, circle a new spot in the yard, or find a flower they have not tasted before.  We take pleasure in seeing them follow a new path or discover something new.


  1. God loves to provide for our needs.  We love to see them enjoy the “nectar” we provide.  Jennifer makes sure to keep it clean, fresh, and plentiful, and we are almost offended when we don’t see a guest for a few hours.  Don’t they trust us?  Don’t they know they can rely on us for their daily “bread”?  Haven’t we proven ourselves worthy of their confidence?  


  1. God loves for us to stop and rest.  As much as we love to see them fly or hover over the feeder, we are even more pleased when they stop on the feeder and rest awhile.  We love to see them take a few seconds to stop their frenetic activity and to be calm, enjoying the oasis we have provided for them.  


  1. God loves it best when we visit.   The best scenario, however, is when they come up to the window for a second or two and look us in the eye.  It is almost as if they are giving us a little “thank you.”  We have named a few of the regulars.  My favorite is “Bubba.”  For Bubba to give us a little nod on his way to or from the feeder makes our morning.      


  1. God wants us to share and to be kind to each other.  What frustrates us about our friends is that they refuse to share the oasis and run each other away.  There are three openings on the ring of the feeder, but none of the birds will allow any company.  It is as if they think they can use all three spots for themselves at once or that the nectar will run out if they share.  Since we know that there will always be plenty of nectar and that there is plenty of room at the feeder, we are disappointed in our guests when they refuse to share.  Can’t they see that there is no need to be greedy or fearful?  Why do they see the need to chase each other away?  


So today, be a hummingbird for God.  Stretch your wings in Godly pursuits in the sure and certain knowledge that God has equipped you for whatever he has planned for you  and that serving him confidently will bring Him joy.  Trust God to meet your every need.  Stop for a minute and acknowledge God and his place in your life.  Spend some time in devotionals and prayer.  BUT, be a KIND hummingbird.  Share with God’s other children and be kind to them.  He will provide you with plenty for those in need, as well.


Prayer:  Lord, thank you for the beauty of this world.  Thank you for the ways it can remind us of your wonderful love for us.  Help us today to trust you, to spend some time with you, to share your love with others, to be kind to others, and so to bring you joy.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.   

Submitted by: Dan Lott