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The Dead Bird On My Deck

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“Look to the LORD and His strength; seek His face always.” Psalm 105:4


I recently had a dead bird on my deck, a Cardinal.  Some people believe Cardinals are reminders of loved ones who have passed.  I love all the birds that come to my feeders, not just the Cardinals, but this one bird, this dead bird on my deck, has given me a lot to think about.


Squirrels knock my bird feeders around, and the seeds spill on the deck.  The squirrels get the bigger pieces, and the birds love hopping around for the little bits.   This particular bird was probably having a feast when he got stuck under one of my plant stands.  


The poor little thing literally broke his neck trying to pull his head out of the iron work that went up in the shape of a V.  If he had only lifted his head the tiniest bit, he would have been free.  


I wonder if we are sometimes like that Cardinal.  Do we get stuck just like he did?   Do we struggle and struggle when really all we have to do is lift our heads, our spirits, our hearts? Scripture tells us to look to the Lord and his strength. Yet, like that little bird, we often try to do things our way, and, like that little bird, the results are usually not the best.


We all have our metal plant stands that trap us.  Divorce.  Loneliness.  Depression. Addiction.  Financial Woes.  We struggle and pull. We are stuck in our bad habits – just like that little bird was stuck in my plant stand.


Just like the bird, we want to do things our way instead of looking to God.  What if we could just look to God and try things his way?  That adjustment, looking to God instead of looking to earthly solutions, could make all the difference.   


I’m glad people are comforted when they see a Cardinal.  Cardinals are special to me now, too, but for a different reason.  Cardinals will always be a reminder that we don’t have to rely on our own strength.  I am going to try to not be a bird brain.  I am going to try my best to look to God and look for his strength.  I am going to try to follow God’s plan for me.


Dear Lord, it is our nature to want to do things our way.  We struggle with our bad habits and with the struggles of life.  Help us remember to look to you for Your strength.  Help us to learn to rely on you.  In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.


Submitted by Tammy Moshier