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Rise Above the Fog

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Scripture: “Behold! He comes with clouds.” – Revelation 1:7

What do you see in the clouds? Fog is a cloud that reaches ground level. Similarly, there are circumstances that surround us with “fog.” How do we rise above it?

In my second year as Preschool Director at First Presbyterian Church in Florence SC, there was one Sunday School Class that consumed my attention every Sunday morning. The Two-Year-Olds Class was fortunate to have two elementary teachers who had taken on this job for years. They were well-equipped to handle most situations. This class, however, became the recipient of four adopted children from Russia, since two families had welcomed two children each into their homes.

Tears are to be expected from little ones in September when promotions are taking place. We all know two-year-old children do not have a great command of the language, but to arrive in a new country, family, and new classroom presented a whole new challenge– not only for these children but also for the teachers.

There was a lot of “fog” going on around us those first couple of months, but God was there! As the director, I was trying to meet the needs of everyone involved. By the time we adjusted and I went on vacation the following summer, I was exhausted. Every time I jumped one hurdle, another one was there to meet me. The more I managed to give, the more was asked of me. I had become the “great enabler,” and I needed help.

While on vacation, I walked outside on top of a mountain overlooking Cherokee, NC. I could see the blue sky early that morning, and in the distance, the fog hovered over the valley. The mountain ranges around me were already awake to the new day. I breathed in a huge breath and was amazed to feel the weight of the past year lifting off my shoulders. To see the fog below gave me a feeling of well-being and comfort because I could see that all was well above the fog. I thought, “God sees like this.”

As the week wore on and I got to witness this happening every morning, it began to dawn on me that I could will to rise above the “fog” in my life to reside with God. I didn’t have to wander around in the chaos below and hardly see in front of me. I prayed for God to help me and take this burden I felt upon his shoulders. It was amazing how letting go of the issues and giving them to God lifted me up out of the fog.

When I returned home, I remember the first time this teacher asked me for “one more thing.” Instead of continuing as the “great enabler,” I looked her straight in the eyes, smiled, and said, “No, you will need to wait.” And she did.

If you are experiencing a similar need to stop enabling and start really helping someone by saying “No,” pray about how God is looking at your circumstances. Let him help you master rising above the fog that clouds your outlook. No one will be more surprised than you at how God will work it out.

Prayer: Dear God, thank you for teaching us how to see when we feel blinded by our circumstances. Thank you for reaching down and lifting us up every time we feel weak and helpless. Jesus, we know you have felt our pain. You have experienced the weight of responsibility. Thank you for teaching us to always rely on our Father in heaven to give us direction. Forgive us when we try to usurp your perfect way, dear Father. In Jesus’ holy name, Amen.

Submitted by Christine Lawson