The Lynn Temple Jones Library


From the beginning, Eastminster began accumulating church oriented books in the senior pastor's office. When the first education/office building was occupied in the summer of 1962, bookshelves in the pastor's office were where our "library" continued to grow. The library found a home of its own in 1991, when our current education building was dedicated and the former one restructured to include offices, conference rooms and an authentic library. From that humble beginning, our library has grown to include over 5,000 books, mainly purchased from donations and memorials, plus a wide selection of DVDs for children, adults and families. This has provided a valuable resource on a variety of subjects for ministers, staff members and the congregation in general, and it has been well utilized throughout the past two decades.

The Lynn Temple Jones Library is on the second floor of the Christian Education Building near the administrative offices. If you take a right when you ender the reception area of the business office and then take an immediate left down the pastor's hallway, the library will be on your left near the restrooms.

To check our circulation, or make a request for a certain Library resource, contact Caroline Bennett, Eastminster's Librarian and Small Groups Coordinator, at [email protected], or 256-1654, ext. 124.