EPC's Children's Ministry is led by Croskeys Royall, who has been the Director here for almost 14 years.  "The creativity we have seen in the programming from Vacation Bible School to Worship Discovery and the out of the ordinary "Presbyterian Sacraments 101," allow our children to become familiar with the uniqueness of the Presbyterian faith. I would say it is a step beyond what we've seen at other churches where you have Jonah and Noah and apple juice and graham crackers," said one mom of twins

"There's also SWAG, a Sunday night event that happens once a month, and certainly enough 'fun' to wear the adult chaperones (and even Croskeys) out.  It's just a really well-balanced mix to introduce our children to the Bible and get them in touch with prayer and faith at a young age," another parent added. "My kids love coming to church. It's fun."

Last year, during the school year children's choir rehearsals moved from Wednesday nights to Sunday nights. Participation improved greatly for both the Angel Choir and the Junior Choir, due to families with older children already attending youth groups on Sunday nights. Now there are activities for children and youth on Sundays from 5:00 to 6:30 pm and dinner is served during the hour and a half.

Schedule: We meet in the Adult Choir room in the basement for a devotion (all singers) and then go to separate rehearsal times. After rehearsal, we eat near the choir kitchen area. The cost per child is $3.00 (Please BRING CASH - Volunteers use the money given that night to purchase the meal for that night) - PARENTS We need your help. Look for emails from Fredna for SIGN-UP to help with meals

During SWAG, there is no choir rehearsal for singers in grades one through five. The Angel Choir will still rehearse those Sundays for four and five-year-olds.