Parent's Organization

Eastminster Day School is very blessed to have an active Parents' Organization. The EDSPO works with the teachers and staff to make EDS the best possible place for your children to learn and play. Funds are raised to supplement the existing resources and to provide some of the "extras" that make school more comfortable and fun for everyone. In the past, this money was used to buy a Smart Board for the Kindergarten class, a new tree house for the younger playground, a new literacy program for the threes, classroom supplies, books, toys, and meals for the staff on meeting days. There are many ways to serve. Please contact an EDSPO officer for further information.

Eastminster Day School Parent Organization 

Mary Kathryn McWilliams     [email protected]

Amy Ribock                          [email protected]

Abbey Sullivan                     [email protected]

EDSPO Registration 2021-2022


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