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Scripture: “You make known to me the path of life; You will fill me with joy in Your presence, with eternal pleasures at Your right hand.” – Psalm 16:11

On a recent trip to the lowcountry, we decided to not take the interstate and travel on a less crowded route instead. One of the things I started noticing was small, yellow butterflies along the roadside. Colias croceus, “Clouded Yellow,” is the scientific name. 

At first there was just one or two, but then I noticed that they seemed to be everywhere. They were fluttering along the grassy roadside. Occasionally we would see pairs of butterflies seeming to dance together. Since I was the passenger and wasn’t driving, I started counting them. I observed over a hundred before I really just stopped counting. 

It made me think about the wonders of God. How he created all creatures, great and small. Even these tiny butterflies with their seemingly carefree existence are all part of his plan. It gave me great joy in observing their antics and, when I later looked up their meaning, that’s what they signify- joy. In a recent Sunday School lesson, we learned that the word joy appears in the Bible over 180 times. To think God created these small creatures along with complex ones like humans is amazing. I am thankful to be one of those that he created. And I am thankful to be in such a beautiful world. 

Next time you’re in nature take the time to stop and observe. God’s miracles are all around us and it will give you great joy to experience it. 


Prayer: Dear God, thank you for creating such a beautiful world. Help us to slow down, especially at this busy time of year, and pause to observe all your wonders. Fill us with the joy of this wonderful world you created. Amen. 

Submitted by Tina Stokes