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Look up, Child

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Scripture: “Truly my soul finds rest in God; my salvation comes from Him. Truly He is my rock and salvation; He is my fortress, I will never be shaken.” – Psalm 62: 1-2


OK….  I’ve admitted to myself that I have a problem, so I need to admit it to y’all as well.  I absolutely love Christian music!  Y’all know by now that all my devotionals are based on songs I love, and I’m beginning to wonder if some of you are going to start questioning my sincerity, as every month I hit you with another song that I promise is my “favorite jam.”


Well here goes….  “Look up Child”* by Lauren Daigle currently sits at number one on my playlist.  As I was listening to this today, I was struck at how the words are so fitting for what is going on in the world.  Allow me to share a few verses:


“Where are You now when darkness seems to win? Where are You now when the world is crumbling? Oh I hear You say, ‘Look up child, look up child.’ You’re not threatened by the war. You’re not shaken by the storm. I know You’re in control, even in our suffering, even when it can’t be seen. I know You’re in control.”

How comforting is this! We are all experiencing unprecedented times right now, and Daigle’s lyrics imploring us to simply, “look up,” are so reassuring to me.  Friends, the LORD is with us during these difficult times, and, with him, we will persevere through this! As much as I encourage each of you to look up, I would also urge you to look down, as in, look down to your Bible sitting on your desk, in your lap, or however it is positioned underneath your eyes.  Along with listening to songs like these, I have found so much peace from just reading and meditating on scripture each morning during my quiet time.  Look up!  Look down!  It is my prayer that all of us will find peace and comfort from looking up to Heaven and looking down to His Word.


Prayer: LORD, thank you. Thank you for your love and thank you for your peace during these times. I pray that we all take comfort in the fact that you are in control. Amen.


Submitted by Gabriel DiBiase

*Daigle, Lauren, Jason Ingram and Paul Mabury. “Look Up Child,” 2018.