Classes & Programs


Eastminster Youth Basketball 
Eastminster sponsors basketball teams for youth ranging from first grade through high school. Teams are divided by grade level and gender and participate in 3 different community church basketball leagues depending on grade level. Typically, the youth basketball season runs from November through February. 
Online registration for Eastminster's Youth Basketball league generally runs from mid-August
through the end of September.  Teams are organized 1st through 12th-grade boys and girls, subject to the availability of coaches and practice times.  We generally have a large number of teams from Eastminster each season.  

Men's Church League Basketball:  Eastminster sponsors teams in the Men's Interfaith Basketball League. This league of teams from different churches in the community typically runs from September through January.

Fitness Center: 
The Exercise Room is open during regular CLC hours to anyone 16 years and older. 

Walking Track: 
The Walking Track is available to persons 12 years and older. You must complete the CLC registration process and have a valid CLC key entry card to use these facilities. Personal Trainers are available to assess your current fitness level and assist in designing a fitness workout program for you.

Group Fitness Class Descriptions:

BARRE-(Room C271-273) 
This 60-minute class mixes isometric movements, Pilates, core and low impact moves to make your body stronger. It's ideal for all fitness levels. 

Gentle Pilates-(Room C271) 
This 45-minute class helps to gently improve your flexibility, build strength and develop control and endurance in your entire body. It is perfect for beginners, seniors or participants with injuries. 

Yoga-(3rd Floor)
This 75-minute class takes you gently through the practice of the basic postures, stretches and balance, as well as breathing. It's a great class for seniors, beginners, and moderate to advanced exercisers. 

H.I.I.T.-(Room C271) 
This 45-minute class is a great way to jumpstart your day. This bootcamp style workout uses dumbbell weights for strength training and your own body for cardio. It's for all fitness levels...beginners to advanced athletes. (Beginners can modify adjust their intensity.)

Buff Bones-(Room C271) 
This 45-minute class is a gentle Pilates-based full-body workout that focuses mostly on bone strengthening and balance. Seniors, beginners and participants with injuries will love this class.

Chairobics / Arthritis-(Room C265) 
This 45-minute class is designed to help those with mobility, balance, flexibility, or other conditions that limit their ability to exercise. This class also aids those suffering from arthritis, fibromyalgia, lupus or other similar conditions. It's ideal for seniors.

Yoga, Pilates & Stretch-(Room C271) 
This 50-minute class is the Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates workout

Zumba-(Room C271)
This fun, energetic 60-minute class helps you dance yourself into shape without even knowing it, while listening to great music. It’s perfect for beginners to advanced exercisers.

Pilates-(Room C271)
This 55-minute class helps to improve your flexibility, build strength and develop control and endurance in your entire body. All fitness levels will love it.

Lunch Crunch-(Room C271)
This 40-minute class is about developing full-body strength with lights weights and tubes. It’s good for all levels. (New and older exercisers can modify moves)

Scottish Country Dancing-(3rd Floor)
This 75-minute class helps you learn and practice the traditional highland dances. It’s fun and great cardio! It’s ideal for every age group.

Back 2 Basics-(Room C271)
This 55-minute class is perfect for anyone who wants to make their back stronger. If you are rehabbing your back or just want to be stronger so that you can do everyday tasks successfully, this class is for you. Seniors, Beginners and anyone with a back injury will love this class.

Barre Combo-(Room 271-273)
This exciting 55-minute class is a combination of our favorite classes fused together professionally to make the perfect class for you. We do” barre moves” mixed with “strength training” mixed with “stretching” and “pilates.” This class is different every time and great for ALL fitness levels.

Boy Scouts:
Eastminster's Christian Life Center is home to Boy Scout Troop 10, which has been a part of our church for more than 50 years.  Each year, about 10-12 boys earn their Eagle Scout badges, given at a special ceremony in our sanctuary. Troop 10's leader is Flynn Bowie and he can be reached at (803) 467-6968, or [email protected]. Cub Scout Pack 10 also meets in Eastminster's CLC. 

Drop-In Nursery:
The Drop-In Nursery, located in the CLC, is a ministry of the church for both members and non-member families. Children have the opportunity to play and socialize with their peers in a loving and safe environment. Playtime includes a snack and time outside on two different playgrounds as the weather permits. Contact Croskeys Royall, Dir. of Children's Ministries.

Small Groups:
The CLC provides meeting space to many of Eastminster's Small Groups that gather weekly to study God's Word, pray together and serve.  If you're interested in joining one of these Small Groups, email Caroline Bennett.