Classes & Programs

Classes & Programs- Month at a Glance

Group Fitness Classes ($5/class)

  • High Impact Total Body Workout (Room 271-273): This 45-minute high-intensity interval training class takes your cardio workout to another level as you push your pace out of your comfort zone. Class goals are to help participants lose weight, build muscle, and boost metabolism. Ideal for advanced fitness levels. Cathy Ramsey teaches this class on Wednesdays at 6am.
  • Pilates (Room 271-273): This 55-minute class helps to improve your flexibility, build strength, and develop control and endurance in your entire body. Ideal for all fitness levels. Nicki Wilson teaches this class on Mondays at 9:15am and Fridays at 9:30am.
  • YogaFit (Rooms 271-273): Using traditional vinyasa poses and flowing movements, this class leaves you feeling energized, inspired, stretched, and relaxed. Ideal for all fitness levels. Caroline Bennett teaches this class on Mondays at 12:15pm. This class has been paused until Fall/Winter.
  • Yoga (Room 271): This 60-minute class takes you gently through the practice of the basic postures, stretches, balance, and breathing. Ideal for senior adults, beginners, and moderate to advanced exercisers. Jane Dillard teaches this class on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9am.
  • Buff Bones (Arts & Crafts Room): This 45-minute class is a gentle Pilates-based full-body workout that focuses mostly on bone strengthening and balance. Ideal for senior adults, beginners, and participants with injuries. Linda Lathren teaches this class on Tuesdays at 10:15am.
  • Zumba (Room 271): This fun, energetic 60-minute class helps you dance yourself into shape without even knowing it, while listening to great music. Ideal for beginners to advanced exercisers. Ebony Javis teaches this class on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:30pm.
  • Fusion 5 (Basketball Court): A music-forward, full-body workout, this class blends cardio, strength/weights, and yoga. This class is customized for ages 50+. Familiar favorites in each musical genre set the rhythm for each class– from Beach Music Classics to 70s Disco, or Country Hits to Southern Rock– and make this 60-minute workout pass quickly. With the fusion of these five disciplines, participants will leave feeling energized, strengthened, balanced and inspired: cardio, weights, yoga strength poses, yoga balance poses, relaxation/meditation (including inspiring devotional reading/prayer). Caroline Bennett teaches this class on Wednesdays and Fridays at 9am.
  • Fusion 5 Express (Basketball Court): Abbreviated version of Fusion 5 (see above). This is a 45 minute class- perfect for a lunch time workout. Caroline Bennett teaches this class on Mondays at 12pm.
  • Chairobics / Arthritis (Rooms 271-273): This 45-minute class is designed to help those with mobility, balance, flexibility, or other conditions that limit their ability to exercise. This class also aids those suffering from arthritis, fibromyalgia, lupus, or other similar conditions. Ideal for senior adults. Kitty Konkle teaches this class on Mondays and Fridays at 11am.
  • Chair Yoga (Rooms 271-273): This 45-minute class is designed to explore alignment, flexibility, balance, and strength in both standing and seated postures, all while assisted by a chair. As an added bonus, class participants will enjoy conscious breathing and guided mediation for relaxation. Ideal for all levels of yoga experience (including beginners). Nancy Shultz teaches this class on Wednesdays at 10:15am.
  • Scottish Country Dancing (Arts & Crafts Room): This 90-minute class is a form of group dance enjoyed by old and young alike. It involves groups of mixed couples of dancers tracing patterns according to predetermined choreography. Colleen Walker teaches this class on Mondays at 6pm.

Basketball League

  • We are excited to announce that we will again be participating in the Christian Youth Basketball League this season! The registration process begins Friday, September 8, 2023 and will remain open until Sunday, October 8, 2023. Registration will be open for grades 2nd-12th (boys and girls) to both members and non-members of Eastminster Presbyterian Church.

Register for Youth Basketball


  • On Mondays from 7:30am-10:15am and Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:15pm-8pm, join us for fun and fellowship on the indoor pickleball courts. All ages are welcome and games are played on a first-come, first-served basis. The Christian Life Center has 12 paddles and plenty of pickleballs, but you are welcome to bring your own equipment.


In addition to Group Classes, Basketball Leagues, and Pickleball the Christian Life Center has an Exercise Room, Walking Track, and Basketball Gym.